How To Decorate With Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are not equivalent to dull, as is the common perception. Many homes and establishments have used neutral colors with excellent results. If you have plans to color your home in neutral tones, here are some tips which should ensure an “anything-but-dull” outcome:

Knowledge is power: If it’s neutral you wish to go with, knowing the colors that you can opt for is the logical first step. The grays, whites and earth tones apart, mellowed browns, yellows, reds and greens can also lend the neutral look. Take your pick.

Textures are the key: Neutral colors tend to be subdued. Though the colors themselves lend character to the room, accessorizing to bring in the dramatic effect should be kept as simple as possible. Turn to textures to give your room the character you want. Get creative with those draperies, curtains and pillows and use colors which will complement the room without standing out too boldly.

Bringing life to neutrality: Rooms in neutral shades do not gel well with vibrant shades or artificial tints. This by no means indicates dullness. You can bring in color in the form of greenery; a potted plant here and there will add that dash of liveliness.

The minimalistic approach: Neutral colored rooms have an elegant look to them. Cluttering these rooms with accessories and furniture is a no-no. Go for simple vases or artwork which coordinate with the final look, but keep it simple. Substitute many pieces of furniture for a large one with clean, straight lines to emphasize the right feel.

Light Right: Lighting is a very important feature of neutral rooms. Use ambient lighting can really bring life to a room with neutral colors.