Decorating Like Paula Deen

Are you a fan of HGTV or the Food Network – or maybe both? An interesting set of advertisements connected the two recently when several HGTV stars created sandwiches specially “designed” for clients. Let’s turn the tables and bring some Food Network chefs to our version of HGTV. What kind of spaces do you suppose would suit them?

With her southern style and country charm, Paula Deen is an easy and fun person to start the visit to HGTV. From a flooring standpoint, wide-plank heart pine is the natural choice for Paula. The honey tones match her warm style and the glow of food containing that much butter. A few rag rugs in stripes liven the space by adding softness and color.

Paula could continue the country feel with a pine sideboard to hold platters and serving dishes, and an oversized pine table groaning with enough food to feed family and friends. I’m guessing bacon would be involved.

Finish up the space with some comfortable furniture for leisurely conversations on a hot summer afternoon – upholstered chairs or sofas in soft chintzes that tempt you to put your feet up and nap after a filling meal. Leave it to Paula to create a room that everyone can enjoy!