Creating a Professional Home Office That Still Feels Like Home – Part II

Furnishing your office involves more than just choosing things that look nice. In order to create a space that really works for you, it’s important to factor in ergonomic issues. Ergonomics considers your size and build to allow you to work comfortably at a computer for a long period of time. Here are a few basic tips:

The right chair is your first purchase. Look for one that can be adjusted so you’re your feet are flat on the floor. From there, your keyboard and mouse should be elbow-height. A keyboard drawer attached under your desk will accommodate this if your desk is too high. Finally, the top of your monitor should be at eye-level. If your monitor size is too large for this, set it as close as possible. Make sure you have some desk space beyond the computer area for those projects you do by hand.

When selecting lighting, make sure your task lighting doesn’t lead to a glare on your monitor. You may also want to add some ambient lighting to create a nice feel in your space.

The final pieces need to meet your storage needs. How many file drawers will your work require? What about bookshelves? Just like in a bedroom, not everything needs to match, as long as the pieces complement each other. If you spend a little time planning your office before you furnish it, your workspace will be both comfortable and attractive.