The Right Space Helps with Homework

With school ready to start, have you thought about what you can do in your home to help your child succeed? How about working together to create a space dedicated to homework and school projects?

Homework central for your child doesn’t have to be a big space – just enough room for a desk, chair and bookshelf will do.

Make sure the space is quiet with no distractions such as television, games or phones. Help encourage organization with a few paper-sized storage boxes or file folders to hold projects in process. Include some basic office supplies to make the space feel professional, but look for bright colors and fun shapes to liven the space.

A bulletin board on the wall can hold a calendar with the schedule of assignments and tests, as well as any other reminders that are helpful. Fill the bookshelf with a dictionary and other useful reference books, and any other needed reading material.

With a dedicated homework space, your child or children will have a leg up this year as they start school, and it helps them learn that homework can be more enjoyable if you control your space.