Creating a Professional Home Office That Still Feels Like Home

If you’re getting ready to set up a home office, it may seem like a challenge to balance the professional environment with residential warmth. A few careful decisions can make that balance work for you.

The right flooring helps a space feel like home while still holding up to the demands of an office environment, particularly the standard wheeled chair or chairs. Laminate, when the quality is high, can handle this well. If you would rather have carpeting or wood, be sure to place a chair mat under your desk to help protect your floor. Mats range from a strong plastic to a very attractive bamboo available in a number of catalogs.

The next step is the walls. Paint the room anything other than office white. Try a sky blue or soft green to create as relaxing environment for your work. Trim a white board in framing or spray paint a bulletin board to make your office different. A number of furniture and lifestyle stores also carry beautiful choices for bulletin board/white board/chalkboard combinations.

Art makes an important statement in your office. Let your art reflect your dreams or goals. Have some beautiful photos to take a break and admire when the day seems too challenging. A few thoughtful touches can make working in your home office a joy.