Decorating Like Bobby Flay

If you enjoy both Home and Garden TV and the Food Network, would you enjoy an opportunity to see the channels do some programs together? How do you think the Food Network chefs would react to an opportunity to develop a space that suits them?

One Food Network superstar, Bobby Flay, has such a characteristic metropolitan style that it’s really fun to imagine his choices. An obvious start for his modern approach is ebony wood flooring. The dark reflective tone provides a natural background for the combo of mid-century and contemporary furniture that suits Bobby.

Bright colors pop in the living space in strong contrast to the dark flooring. A vivid red leather couch – low-slung and tailored – joins two orange chairs for a hot focus against floor-to-ceiling windows that showcase the Manhattan skyline. Accessories run to bright red, oranges, yellows and greens, sharing the colors of a big bowl of peppers sitting on the coffee table.

The kitchen opens up into this room so Bobby can chat with his guests while he cooks, and the dark tones, stainless steel, and bright serving platters keep the spaces connected. What does Chef Flay have planned for tonight? Let’s hope it’s something from the grill!