Entertaining Design

Adding design to your entertaining plans makes your parties more inviting and adds a fun element to your planning. Spending a bit of extra time thinking about how things look helps you create an environment that makes your guests feel welcome.

Let fresh flowers provide a focus for your design plans. Flowers are inexpensive and simple to arrange, and the extra effort will be appreciated by your guests. Just head to your nearest grocery or warehouse store for a good selection of fresh, seasonal flowers. Select one or two bouquets that fit with your party theme or color choices. With planning, this will provide plenty of flowers for your entire home.

You don’t need to have training or even that much talent to make nice flower arrangements. The photo shown has only two simple stems held in place by a few oranges, but the flowers and fruit create a sense of style and design that’s more effective than many elaborate concoctions. Just be imaginative and let the flowers give you ideas. Not enough vases? Any glassware or ceramic piece that holds water can be incorporated into your plans.

Scatter your arrangements anywhere guests may wander – on your main table, the foyer, and the guest bathroom. This simple gesture says welcome to everyone you invite.