Using the Four Seasons to Inspire Your Decorating: Fall

The Four Seasons of Decorating: Fall

When deciding how to decorate a room, why not look to the four season for inspiration? Choose your favorite and find elements that echo the feel of that time of year. How about fall? If you are drawn to the colors of fall it’s easy to bring autumn into your home through every element of a room.

With flooring, wood says fall the best. Consider a rich dark tone – maybe cherry or ash. The wealth of brown tones and soft glow will provide the perfect background to your other fall elements. Draw on other dark wood tones in your furniture, or possibly metals such as bronze or cast iron to enhance that fall feeling.

For your color choices, look to the leaves. From the rich vivid reds of sugar maples to the light golds of aspens and the amazing variety of browns and maroons provided by oaks, let the trees guide you to just the right combinations. Don’t hesitate to mix them – they look wonderful outside and they will work for you in your home.

What about accessories? Some can be found in your backyard. Cut a few branches of your brightest trees and put them in a vase. Add a few fall flowers such as chrysanthemums and you have the perfect fall arrangement. A quick stop at a grocery or farmer’s market provides a wealth of fall arrangement tools, with gourds, pumpkins and Indian corn to collect in bowls and baskets. Or you can go simple – place a bowl of apples in the middle of the table, ready for anyone to grab and enjoy.

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