Using the Four Seasons to Inspire Your Decorating: Winter

The Four Seasons of Decorating: Winter

Is winter your favorite season? Create the warmth and coziness of our coldest time of the year year-round with your own winter room. Just a few touches can bring the season to life in your home.

A winter room is all about coziness. Start with the softest flooring option – carpeting. Imagine sinking your toes into a rich soft plush in an ivory or a rich dark green. Complement your flooring with velvet curtains – hung from floor to ceiling. Sage green or a dull gold adds warmth and complements your carpet choice.

Think about a rich color on your walls. Dark tones such as a warm brown or wine red echo the feel of the season and add coziness to any space. Complement your paint choice with ivories and creams in your upholstery and pillows. Winter begs for texture. You can be more monochromatic if you let texture add personality to your winter space.

Lighting is particularly important during the season when days are short. Add extra lamps to light up the corners without completely chasing away the shadows that warm the space. For accessories, select your favorite seasonal decorations, and add candles for entertaining. And be sure to include one or two throws to warm your feet on chilly evenings.

When winter comes you can let it snow outside. Inside you are completely comfortable in your room built for winter.

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