Using the Four Seasons to Inspire Your Decorating: Spring

The Four Seasons of Decorating: Spring

Every one of our four seasons has its own personality. Colors, style and materials in your home can reflect one season, making a naturally integrated space. Visitors may not recognize the connection, but they will feel that the room is well put together. For our next season, let’s take a look at spring.

Every element of a room can reflect spring. For flooring, think light and bright. Wood or bamboo floors in light tones echo the feel of new growth that is so important a part of this season. Maple cabinets and light wood furniture also carry that theme.

For windows, think bright crisp white. You could choose glossy white shutters, or go simple with sheers or bleached linen in a pure white. Grommet drapes are a fresh look that complements the season.

Think spring when you shop fabrics. Colors that reflect nature at its newest such as light yellow-greens and clear pastels will work well in your spring space. Patterns such as florals are obvious, but don’t limit yourself. How about a bright stripe with lots of white? Take some chances.

Finish up the room with the best representative element of spring – fresh flowers in pots. Daffodils, tulips, hyacinth and crocus set on a windowsill or scattered on various tables bring the season inside, even if it’s still winter outside.

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