All About Doors!

Below are some helpful things you might want to know about the doors in your home!

Your home comes with a variety of doors that subject to expansion, contraction, and minor movement with changes in heat and humidity and normal settling of your home. The result can be warping and sticking. This is normal and may correct itself as conditions change. You should allow you home to go through at least one dry and one damp season before you make permanent changes.

The hinges and locks on your doors may require lubrication from time to time for proper maintenance and to prevent squeaks. Remove the hinge pin and rub it with a graphite tube or lead pencil and then replace it. We do not recommend using oil because it accumulates dust.

Interior & Exterior Doors:

Look at your doors carefully.  Be advised that security and storm doors will void the warranty on your door and possibly the wall surrounding it. Additionally, glass storm doors add heat which may cause warpage or discoloring of your exterior doors. The operation of the door is affected by humidity levels. Please be advised that your exterior door thresholds need maintenance, keep the finish clean and adjust for weather seal as needed. Interior doors should not warp in excess of ¼ inch, top to bottom. You should be sure to prohibit children from swinging on doors.

Check the finish on your exterior doors several times a year. Doors that receive direct sunlight should be inspected more often. Use touch up paint or varnish as needed. If you notice that the finish is beginning to crack or peel, refinish the door promptly. Unattended, cracking and peeling will progress rapidly and destroy the surface of the door.

Garage Doors

The installation of a garage door opener, unless installed as an available Fulton Homes option, will void any applicable Garage Door Warranty. Garage doors are warranted for proper mechanical operation as installed. The installation of a garage door opener alters the operation of the door, and Fulton Homes cannot be responsible for altered mechanical operation. You should always review and follow the garage door manufacturers cleaning and care recommendations.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors require routine maintenance. Perhaps the most important step is to keep the door tracks free of dirt and debris. The door tracks are soft and can become damaged if they are not kept clean. Use a broom or brush to loosen collected debris. Thoroughly vacuum as a part of your regular cleaning routine.

Avoid using abrasive cleaners as they may scratch the frames. After cleaning, apply paraffin (wax) to the rollers to prevent corrosion. If doors no not slide freely, an oil-free silicone lubricant can be used on the tracks. Do not use any oil-based lubricant on aluminum. Oil attracts dust and dirt, which become embedded in the lubricant and may damage the aluminum.

Sliding glass door frames have small weep holes at the bottom to permit water to drain from the track. Keep the weep holes open and free of debris. Avoid flooding door frame tacks. Excessive water can overflow the track and back up into your home.

During high winds, air will penetrate your doors, especially through the weep holes. This is normal. The weep holes are necessary for proper ventilation and you should keep them clear at all times.

A few simple maintenance tasks will ensure your windows provide years of trouble-free service.

Tip: Do not apply window-tinting film materials to double-glazed sliding glass doors. The use of these materials can cause a buildup of heat between the panes of glass. The excessive heat will destroy the seals and permit water condensation to form between the panes.

Aluminum foil also causes a heat build up between windowpanes and should not be used.

Adding window tinting or aluminum foil to your sliding glass doors will void the warranty on your sliding glass doors.

The use of self closing devices on sliding glass doors will also void their warranty.

Like other door types, you should always review and follow the sliding glass door manufacturers cleaning and care recommendations.

If you have any other questions about doors, please leave us a comment!

6 thoughts on “All About Doors!

  1. Having problems with our kitchen sliding glass door locking mechanism. Freeman Farms II. Cayman model. Original door. Can you please detail the make and model and where to get repalacement parts? Thanks

    • Hi, Michael, thank you for your inquiry. You can reach out to Cascade Windows at 480-736-8988. The original manufacturer was Paramount; however, they were acquired by Cascade. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

    • The front door is most likely fiberglass, but it is impossible to know without looking at a home’s specific options (which, are available in a customer’s MyFultonHome website). If you are a resale owner, you can sign up for a My Fulton Homes account and see the options the original owner selected. Hope this helps!

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