Stages of Construction: Stage 6

Today continues a series about the stages of construction. Our goal is to help you understand the stages of construction, learn about how we do things and what you can expect during each stage. In this series, we will cover 2 additional stages of construction. To see the previous stages of construction, click here.

In Stage 6, Tile is installed on the floors, countertops and bath areas. Granite and marble tops are also installed. Additionally, masonry work is completed where specified.

The tile and countertops are installed after the cabinets have been installed. If you have made cultured marble or granite selections, they are measured after cabinets are installed. Typically these tops and surrounds will be installed after they are measured. The finished edges of some marble and granite tiles may need to be routed and polished. This is an expensive and time-consuming process. Marble and granite selections, as well as their availability, will be confirmed at the Design Center Meeting.

The fabrications of granite slab countertops are done off-site and may take several weeks from the measure date to install. The slabs are cut to size, polished and edges are routed before they leave the shop. Sink and cook-top cut-outs are done on-site. Back-splashes and seams are cut and fitted on-site as well. The seams in granite slab countertops may vary in placement from that of a model home or your neighbor’s home. This is due to the size of the slabs you may have selected and the natural stability of the slab.

Please note: granite slabs are selected to best match those samples seen and are a natural material and will never match the color, grain and texture samples seen or those in the model or existing homes.

We hope this helps you understand more about the stages of construction!