Fulton Cares About Our Environment

As part of giving back to the community, Fulton Homes has created a Fulton Cares section which highlights the many ways in which we are building energy efficient homes, and helping the environment at the same time.

At Fulton Homes, we use energy efficient building processes that make the homes we build today far more efficient than those of just 3-4 years ago.  We have a Power Wise certification from a third party testing group in all of our east valley homes.  We use 13-14 SEER AC units in all of our homes, Low-E windows, higher insulation, and most of our appliances are Energy Star certified.  The homes built today are far more efficient and cost less to operate than used homes.  Take a look at the items below to see how Fulton Cares.

Click here to read more about our ENERGY STAR participation.