Fulton Homes Kicks-Off Summer Fence Patrol Initiative

Fulton Homes Kicks-Off Summer Fence Patrol Initiative – Valley Water Safety Program Encourages Parents take Measures to Protect Kids around Water

The Fulton Homes Fence Patrol is once again gearing up to prepare families for the 2010 summer pool season. The Fence Patrol program, which was founded by Tempe-based Fulton Homes, aims to educate parents about keeping children safe around pools. As part of the program, Valley residents are encouraged to nominate themselves or a family for a free pool fence.

From now through July 25, Fulton Homes will be teaming up with KMLE Country 108 FM radio to award Valley families a free pool fence plus installation. The Fence Patrol program will kick-off Thursday, April 22, from 5am to 9am at Bill Johnson’s Big Apple Restaurant on 37th Street and Van Buren. Valley-favorite radio personalities Tim & Willy will begin the Fulton Homes Fence Patrol with a live remote at the restaurant. Already in 2010, four deaths, including three children, have resulted from 21 water related incidents this year, according to childrensafetyzone.com. In 2009, 49 deaths, including 16 children, resulted from 153 water-related incidents. The fences are specifically designed to meet city codes for optimum safety.

“As the hotter months approach, families will be taking off the pool covers and spending more time outdoors,” said Douglas Fulton, CEO of Fulton Homes. “Drowning incidents can happen in seconds, and they can happen to any family. Pool fences are one preventative measure families can take in making sure they never encounter one of these tragedies. Fulton Homes knows that every fence is an effort towards lowering the saddening statistics.”

The first pool fence is scheduled to be awarded to a deserving family and installed on Tuesday, May 4. Fulton Homes in conjunction with KMLE 108 FM and Ironman Pool Fences will continue to award a new family each week for twelve weeks following that first May 4 installation.

Fulton Homes has always been a proud proponent for Water Safety in the Phoenix area. The long-running Two Seconds is Too Long campaign has helped raise awareness of the tragedy of child drownings. The “Fulton Homes Fence Patrol” pool fence program has helped hundreds of people equip their homes with barriers to help prevent youngsters from falling into the pool. The company also supports the Valley of the Sun YMCA, providing swimming lessons to disadvantaged youths who learn valuable life skills, including personal safety and growth, stroke development, rescue and water sports.

Fulton Homes views homebuilding as more than just bricks and mortar construction. “Fulton Homes not only wants to provide Valley citizens with great housing options, but we also seek to promote the safety and wellbeing of the community we serve,” Fulton added.

Interested parties have until July 4, 2010 to nominate themselves or someone else for a pool fence, by logging on to www.kmle108.com and clicking on the Fence Patrol icon. For more information call (602) 452-1000 or go to www.fultonhomes.com and click on the “Fulton Foundation” link.