Solutions to Common Ceramic Problems

Solutions to common ceramic tile problems

Problem Likely Cause Solution
Grout cracks between tiles. Settlement or shrinkage. Re-grout cracks with grout.
Grout stains. Moisture and soap build-up. Wipe down wet tile after bathing. Use exhaust fan.
Caulking coning loose where tub or shower pan meets tile or in the corners where the tiles meet. Settlement or caulk shrinkage. Remove old caulk and re-caulk with tub and tile caulk.
Soap dish loose. Accident or too much weight. Reinstall with adhesive caulk.
Shower door track not draining properly. Weep holes clogged. Clean weep holes.
Soap build-up on shower door. Normal. Squeegee or dry shower door after use.
Shower rod will not stay up. Loose shower rod. Adjust rod tension by rotating rod and cap.