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Fulton Homes is among Arizona’s largest home builders. When Ira Fulton started Building homes 30 years ago, he didn’t want to be one of the biggest, just the best. Below are 10 key the things that set us apart.

  1. At Fulton Homes, we select and develop neighborhoods.  We feel it is important to develop neighborhoods which will stand the “test of time.
  2. We take great care in selecting the entrances of each community. This includes special placement of water features as well as open spaces and trails, ramadas, barbeques, basketball courts, and playgrounds in our neighborhoods.
  3. We also take great care in having Homeowner Associations in all of our communities, as these organizations help preserve and enhance home values.
  4. At Fulton Homes, we survey every customer, asking a series of encompassing questions.
  5. We use approximately forty different trades for each home we build. Because all facets of the company are affected, we use a committee approach.  We continually measure each trade in order to keep selecting the best ones.
  6. By listening to our customers, we continually change our product line.  Because of local preferences, we have changed optional items into standard features.
  7. An additional facet of our culture is the development and use of state-of-the-art technology.  As you will discover, Fulton Homes is among the most “technologically advanced” home builders in the country.
  8. Our contract process is different from that used by most builders.  Our two-step process reduces the need for costly changes once the home has been started.  In turn, this allows the finished product to be available in the shortest amount of time.
  9. Our Customer Care staff is eager to solve any problems that may arise after the home closes.

10. At Fulton Homes, we donate fifty percent of our profits to worthy causes. Tomorrow’s citizens are Mr. Fulton’s passion.

“Purchasing a home is likely the single largest investment you will make.  Take your time; do the research.  We are confident that, when all of the facts are in, you will become the proud owner of yet another quality Fulton Home.” – Ira Fulton

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