Home Maintenance Suggestions

It is important to maintain your home so that it stays in the same great shape as it was when it was new. Below are some home maintenance suggestions we’d like to share with you in order to help keep your home in the best possible shape. Following these suggestions can save you from costly repairs if items are neglected.

Every Month

* Wood Cabinets – Dust cabinets with a soft lint-free cloth. You can dampen the cloth slightly with water or a spray-type dust remover.
* Furnace/Air Conditioning – Inspect filters for dust. Clean and replace filters monthly.
* Plumbing – Check under kitchen and bathroom cabinets for leaks. Tighten fittings carefully. Check the area around the hot water heater for leaks.
* Kitchen Exhaust Fan – Remove and clean the filter. Clean accumulated grease deposits from the fan housing.
* Faucet Aerators – Check for proper flow of water. If the flow is reduced, clean aerator screens. During the first two months, the faucet aerators could require more frequent cleaning.
* Perimeter Inspection – Look for evidence of termites on or near your foundation.

Every 2 Months

* Exterior Doors – Lubricate hinges and locks as required. Inspect finish for cracks and peeling. Use touch-up paint or varnish where required.

Every 3 Months

* Interior Doors – Lubricate hinges.
* Garage Door – Lubricate hardware. Inspect mechanism for free travel. Adjust if necessary.

Every 6 Months

* Kitchen Tile Grout – Inspect for loose or missing grout. Re-grout if necessary. Re-caulk at the edge of the backsplash if necessary.
* Tiled Areas – Inspect caulked areas for missing or damaged caulking. Re-caulk if necessary.
* Shower Doors – Inspect for proper fit. Adjust if necessary. Inspect caulking and re-caulk if necessary.
* Tub Enclosures – Inspect for proper fit. Adjust if necessary. Inspect caulking and re-caulk if necessary.
* Front Doors – Repaint if necessary. Consult your Homeowner Association regulations before you change the exterior paint color of your doors.
* Gutters – Clean debris from gutters every six months and after storms.

Every 12 Months

* Exterior Paint – Inspect for cracked or peeling paint. Repair and repaint if necessary. Consult your Homeowner’s Association regulations before you change any exterior paint colors. Southern and Western exposures are especially subject to peeling and cracking. Inspect these areas twice each year. Repaint as necessary.

Painting Repair Note: Painting repairs requiring new material will often NOT match the color of the existing material. Paint repairs may show slight variations in color as a result of weathering, aging, or pigment variations in different paint manufacturing runs. Color variations are normal.

* Roof – Inspect for damaged tiles or accumulated debris after storms and high winds. An annual inspection by roofing professional is recommended.

* HVAC System – We recommend an inspection by a heating professional every year. ?

Please review this list of home maintenance suggestions as often as you like. This information will be available right here on the Fulton Homes blog whenever you need it.

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