Southwestern Exterior Styling

Traveling throughout the United States, many homes are influenced by diverse cultures and environments which are incorporated into their styling. If you have ever traveled to the southwest, you probably noticed a very distinct change in the housing styles. This Southwestern home styling is very common in New Mexico, Arizona, and southern California. While not every home follows this styling, it has many advantages that help combat the American desert heat. This beautiful look is easy to capture with incorporating just a few simple elements:


Where side vinyl and stone may be common practice elsewhere in the United States, stucco rules king in the southwest. Stucco is a plastering material used on the outside of homes. It is applied wet and dries into a decorative, durable coating. This exterior insulator can withstand extreme heats and does not crack. The look is considered southwestern and adds an artsy appeal to the home. Stucco can reduce noises from outside and has an extremely long lifespan.


When you visit the southwest, the first thing you will notice is the dramatic landscape and environmental changes. Instead of flourishing, green lawns, pride is found in the true rich nature of the desert. Incorporating rocks, stones, cacti, and desert shrubbery is a must. Southwestern homes also facilitate elements of dry creek rock beds, pergolas, and stucco privacy walls. While grass is considered a luxurious lawn amenity, you will see the pride in the brilliance of pebbled and clay landscaping. Concrete driveways and pools are also common in this Southwestern look.

Clay Roof Tiles

Traditionally, this Spanish and Mediterranean design was functional; it is also very beautiful. Soon it became more common in Southwestern homes. Clay roof tiles are renowned for their longevity and resistance to rot. They handle very well against extreme weathers, such as heat, monsoons, and frost. Requiring little maintenance makes this roofing system ideal for Southwestern homes.

Southwestern Style homes are very beautiful and cultural inspired. This style flourishes with aesthetic appeal and overall beauty. Enjoy the lifestyle these homes have to offer with their unique styling.

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