Home Staging | Tips for Taking Care of the Inside

Home staging is an incredibly useful tactic that interior designers use all of the time. Whether they are staging a model home, a newly remodeled home or helping sellers set up their home for the marketplace, staging your house can add value and increase appeal. For tips and tricks on staging your home, be sure to keep on reading!

Eliminate Clutter

You know those bins or boxes of packed items sitting in your living space; the ones that have to go but you have not had a chance to address. Before you begin designing your home, you want to start with a clean slate. That means any unwanted clothing taking up space in the closet, old furniture, and equipment that you no longer use. It is crucial to create a moveable environment for guests to be able to navigate the house without bumping into everything. Make sure you do not skip out on cleaning out the pantry, closet spaces, and the basement. Though often unseen, these areas can lead to hidden clutter.

Reorganize the Furniture

IIf upgrading to more stylish pieces is not in the budget, opt for organizing your existing furniture so that it complements the space. The right arrangement can make a room appear bigger. Play around with your furniture until you find the right angles. You may be surprised by what a new furniture layout can do for your room’s appearance.


There is nothing that can make a home look super polished than a well-thought lighting scheme. Play up the natural lighting in a space by using sheer curtains or light drapes that allow the sun to stream into the room. Implement trendy lighting fixtures to brighten up corners and add extra light wherever you see fit.

Area of Interest

Whether it is the kitchen, living room, or the hallway, find an area in the home where you can create a focal point or an area of interest. A focal point will immediately grab the attention of guests. Plus, creating a focal point does not have to be expensive. A beautiful piece of artwork or using a patterned border around the walls can make a huge difference.

Thorough Cleaning

Before you invite guests, you should conduct a thorough cleaning of the interior. Polish the floors, organize the garage and basement and clean all of your surfaces. The purpose of home staging is to make your home look like a model home, something that is right from a home decor magazine.

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