Well-Loved Arizona Attractions and Facts

The United States is the third largest country in the world, hence its diverse geographic landscape it has to offer.  From broad flatlands to volcanic mountains, glacier filled waters to a hot desert, or even extensive rivers to Great Lakes, our country has so much to offer.  One state that is to be recognized with its abundance of visual natural wonders is Arizona.  Arizona is a beautiful state with nearly three-hundred of the days of the year having blue skies and sunny!  With three national parks, desert and mountainous landscape, and incredible cities, Arizona is packed with activities and attractions. This state has so much to offer, so if you are living there or just visiting, here are the top interesting facts. 

Grand Canyon

Kickstarting the list is one of Arizona’s most renowned National Parks, the Grand Canyon.  This spectacular canyon is a geographic phenomenon decorated with colorful eroded rocks, rivers, and truly immense in size.  No picture can truly justify just how breathtaking this canyon is in person. 

Largest Rose Bush 

In Tombstone, Arizona, back in 1885, The Lady Banksia Rosebush was planted.  Today this single bush’s canopy is over 9,000 square feet of white-blossomed roses.  It is planted behind a former hotel and boarding house but is now a large attraction pulling in tourist into the town. 

Apache Trout  

Native to only Arizona is the Apache trout and because of this, it is Arizona’s State Fish.  This species was close to going extinct due to non-indigenous being introduced into the ecosystem.  However, these fish are making a slow and steady comeback and should be here for a long time now. 

Four Corners Monument 

Ever want to be two places at once?  How about four?  Four Corners Monument is where Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico all meet.  While this is something you can achieve in any of these other states, it is still worthy of being mentioned for Arizona. 

Make sure you check out many of the national parks or other areas while in Arizona.  It is said to be believed that you can travel anyway in Arizona and within twenty miles you will arrive in a city, monumental area, landmark, or park.  Where is your favorite spot in Arizona?  Let us know below in the comment section.