Pillow Talk: How to Design Your Bed | Part One

Pillow Types 

The master bedroom is your place of refuge and fortress of relaxation.  Creating this perfect oasis is an art and a science.  What may work for you, may not work for others.  With hundreds of pillows available on the market, having a general understanding of some of the most common types can help you find the best one suited for your space.  From decorative to comfortable, here are our top pillows to consider adding to your home:


Usually made of tiny plastic particles, microbead pillows are becoming a more common pillow option.  If you are looking for a more supportive alternative,?consider microbead pillows.? ?These pillows are filled with thousands of tiny beads to support your head.? ?With not much give, you will find that they are great for support pillows or wedge pillows to use on your bed. 


“Light as a feather” comes to mind when thinking of a down pillow.  Down is a type of feathered pillow.? It is the undercoat to the feathery underbellies of birds.? While being incredibly soft, it provides a flexible comfort with its quality fluff.? It is not the most supportive pillow, but this luxurious pillow is unrivaled for soft comfort. 

Memory Foam 

Investing in a memory foam pillow can allow you to have comfort and support.? These pillows will adjust to your body when compressed.? After you get up,?the pillow will return to its natural plump state.? These may not be the softest pillows, but with support and comfort, they are definitely to be recognized as a top choice.

Before you can ultimately decide, you need to consider what you are looking for in a pillow. Do you need more support or comfort?? Once you understand your wants, you can make a more clear decision.

Be sure to check out part two for more insight on pillow choices.


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