Pillow Talk: How to Design Your Bed | Part Two

When designing your space, functionality should always come first.  Finding areas in your home that are extremely important to our well-being is a great place to start in the house.  Sleep is vital for proper brain function, our moods, and energy levels.  What investments have you made for your trip to dreamland? With the right pillows, your slumber kingdom is about to get a whole lot comfier. 


Many common sleeping positions can put our spines in bad positions, creating back, spine, and joint pain. A supportive pillow can help prevent neck pains, posture, and even headaches.? Neck pillows are primarily filled with microbeads for sturdy support. The design is targeted to keep your neck and spine in a neutral position while you sleep to prevent cramps and irritations. 


Another excellent support pillow is a body pillow. Cuddling with these pillows can keep your legs and arms from being in an uncomfortable position while you sleep.? Try investing in these is you sleep on your side or if you are pregnant. 


Your spine is extremely important to keep in a neutral position during your sleep.  Poor sleep habits on unsupported weak areas of the spine can lead to problems.  Avoid lower back pain and invest in a lumbar pillow.  Keeping your spine supported while you sleep is a great way to get rid posterior and anterior pelvic tilts.? Get a lumbar pillow to keep your spine in the optimal position during your slumber. 


A multifunction tool of comfort that you can add to your bed is a wedge pillow.? These triangular pillows are very supportive.? Use it to prop yourself up while you are reading, increase blood flow to your legs, and pinch between your knees while you sleep.? Adding this support pillow to your bed can have many beneficial uses. 

Stop waking up sore with a poor nights rest.  Invest in pillows that can help keep your joints healthy and provide you with a good night’s sleep.  Experiment and find what is best suited for your comfort.