How to Work with Zebra Print

Do you love zebra print but do not know how to use it in your decor? While colors pack a lot of punch, patterns can have a dramatic effect. Using a zebra print pattern can be tricky because it can be considered bold and busy. To help you master it, here are some tips for using zebra prints in an attractive way:

1. Combine with Lots of Neutrals

Perhaps the easiest way to incorporate zebra prints is to use lots of airy whites and sheer materials. Even mixing in this pattern with hues of gray will help it to blend in with the decor seamlessly. Gray and white colors, when combined with a zebra print, create a feisty and sophisticated feel. Zebra print can be a great way to create a look that is inviting yet stylish.

2. Upholstery

Do not be afraid of using zebra prints on your upholstery. We often think that our furniture has to match, and often times, this is far from the truth. Using a zebra print slipcover over your living room chair or sofa will make the piece stand out against all your other pieces.It can create a bold statement piece that is absolutely beautiful.

3. Accessories Take a Backseat

From your antique case to your favorite unique pieces, we love our accessories. When working with a bold print like zebra, the accessories should be kept to a minimum. You do not want your accessories to compete with the print, but rather, it should complement it.

4. Use Colors

If you are more on the daring side, implementing bold colors with a zebra print may be for you. Luckily, zebra prints go with literally every color out there because it is made up of white and black. Play around with some ideas and get creative with your color choices.

5. Area Rug

If you are not interested in going all out with the zebra print, you can use hints of the print throughout your room. A zebra pattern area rug against your furnishings is guaranteed to add a pop.

6. Accessories

You do not have to overwhelm a space with a zebra print to make a statement. You can use accessories with a zebra print design sparingly throughout the room. For instance, a zebra blanket on your bed or zebra stripe decorative tape on the wall will add lots of visual interest.

How do you incorporate fun patterns throughout your space? We would love to hear below in the comment section.

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