How to Pick The Perfect Accent Chair

From deep, soft leather chairs to traditional upholstered chairs, when it comes to shopping for an accent chair, there is a variety of options. If you are having trouble finding the perfect accent chair, know that there is one out there that fits your personality as well as the decor of the room. To help, we created a list of different accent chairs that may be suitable for your space. Let’s take a look!

1. Classic
If you have more of a traditional style, you will most likely appreciate a timeless design. Materials like leather, wood, and heavy, rich fabrics are common for classic style accent chairs; however, if you are interested in incorporating a classic style with a bit of a twist, you may choose to go with a bold upholstery color or pattern. Believe it or not, a classic style accent chair can work with all types of home styles including, contemporary, country farmhouse, and even industrial. It is all about making such classic pieces relevant. Consider reupholstering a traditional chair with a punchier color like mustard yellow, forest green, or maroon to create a powerful statement.

2. Sophisticated-Chic
Do you enjoy the finer things in life? If your style leans more towards sophisticated pieces, you are probably drawn to accent chairs that are elegant but have something unique that sets them apart from what you usually see. Remember, sophisticated chairs do not need to be boring or stuffy. You can find a stylish, sophisticated chair that adds interest without taking away from the room’s overall mood. If you do opt for a sophisticated, chic accent chair, you will want to keep the other elements in the room neutral so that the accent chair can take front and center stage.

3. Ultra Modern
If you consider your style to be ultra-modern, you would be interested in what is trending right now. Modern style accent chairs have clean lines and unique silhouettes which makes them stand out and look good from afar. Look out for contemporary styles, and try mixing different contemporary styles together within the same space.

4. Boho
If bold hues and unusual patterns do not scare you, boho is for you. With Boho design, you mix together different patterns to create a flawless design. If you cannot find an accent chair that speaks to your soul, you can even make one. Consider reupholstering a traditional wingback armchair, or try layering it with prints and colors. Be sure to keep a consistent color to create a harmonized look.

What accent chair speaks to you the most? We would love to hear below in the comment section!