How to Hang Mason Jars

Have you ever desired to have more storage in your kitchen, but do not necessarily have the room to add more cabinets? Your solution is here: hanging mason jars underneath your cabinets adds style and function to any space. Plus, it is super simple to do! Let’s see how.

Mason Jar
Piece of Wood
Screw Driver

Depending on the amount of space you have available under your cabinets, you can choose the number of mason jars you will use for this project.

*You will need one screw and one nail per one mason jar you use.

Want to Add Color? You can even paint the mason jars if you would like to add a pop of color. Remember to paint your mason jar before attaching them to your cabinets. If you want a distressed mason jar look, decorate the mason jar with color chalkboard paint. After it is finished drying, you can run sandpaper over the areas you want to look distressed.

How to Hang Mason Jars:

Step One. Take the lid off of your mason jar.

Note: Mason jar lids have two parts associated with them. You will have the physical “rim” and “the flat top.”

Step Two. Grab your piece of wood and set your lid onto of it. Have the lid facing up in a bowl-like resemblance.

Step Three. Take your hammer and nail and create one small hole in your lid.

Step Four. Remove the nail and lid from the piece of wood.

Step Five. Take your lid over to the cabinet that you wish to hang it underneath.

Step Six. Place your screw inside the hole you just created. Screw it into the bottom of your cabinet.

Note: It is essential that you make sure your lid is on tight because your jar will be hanging from it.

Was not that easy? It is a quick and simple way to add style and function to your kitchen or any room in your house. Try this hack anywhere in your home to add extra storage to your space. Just remember to always make sure your lid is screwed into your cabinet tight!

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