Seven Genius Ways to Reduce Clutter

Are you looking for ways to reduce clutter in your home? Look no further! We have gathered a list of seven ways you can eliminate unwanted clutter in your home. Let’s take a look!

Seven Ways to Reduce Clutter:

Switch to Glass Containers. Often times, our pantries are filled with plastic and cardboard containers from the store. To eliminate clutter, switch your items over to a glass jar and recycle the cardboard boxes. By eliminating boxes, you can create a clean, sleek look while providing more room.

Sort Through Shoes. Do you ever pass over certain shoes thinking that there “may” be a time that you “might” wear them? Honestly, there may never be a time because you will get better, new shoes in the future. Donate old shoes that you never wear, and free up some closet space.

Donate Old Toys. The older your children get, the more they do not want to play with certain toys. Go through the toy bin with your children to determine what toys they still use and which ones you can give to charity.

Missing Sock Pairs. We have all heard the saying that the washing machine ate my socks. Sometimes socks just disappear. Whether you left one at the gym or it is behind your dresser, you can completely start over. Get rid of all socks that you have not found the pair for in over two months. This is a good cleanse, because who does not love brand new socks?

Expired Medication. Sometimes our medicine closets hold expired medication, and we do not even realize it. Sort through all your medications to make sure they have not reached their expiration date. If they have, make sure to dispose of them safely so that pets and small children cannot get to them.

Holiday Cards. Do not get us wrong, holiday cards are very meaningful and sweet, but after the holiday season is over, you should probably recycle them. This will help free up space in your home and eliminate paper clutter. Be sure to write down any addresses in your address book before you recycle the envelopes.

Receipts. If you like to keep all your receipts, try digitizing them. Just scan them onto your computer and store them in a folder labeled “receipts.” This way they are not taking up space in your home.

Getting rid of stuff is difficult, but it is vital to happy living. You will feel a lot better once you cleanse your home.

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