Tips for Cleaning Your House

We want to share some easy tips and tricks for cleaning your home so that you spend your free time doing the things that you love. As we all know, time is a very precious commodity and anything that we can do to save time is certainly valuable. We have listed a few tips below for cleaning the home quickly that you must try:
  • Start at The Top – Always start at the top and clean your way down the room. This way dirt and dust fall to the lower-level, uncleaned surface. For example, you will want to begin by dusting your ceiling fans first, then cleaning the furniture below it. This way you do not have to do double the work in the end. Once the dirt and debris fall from your ceiling, you can wipe them away while you clean your furniture. 
  • Kitchen – In the kitchen, you will want to begin by loading the dishwasher. Fill the sink with hot soapy water and a small amount of cleaner. If your stove has burner frames, remove and put in the sink’s soapy water. Next, you will want to dust off your ceiling fans, light fixtures, and windowsills then clear off all of countertops and tabletops. After they are cleared, dip a clean sponge into the soapy water and wipe down cabinets and counters from top to bottom. Be sure to rinse the sponge in hot water, and you will be amazed at how much dirt rinses out of it. Lastly, wipe down all kitchen appliances from top to bottom. By wiping down appliances, you will help to eliminate fingerprints and remove excess dirt. 
  • Bathrooms – Cleaning all bathrooms at one time is vital. Dust light fixtures and windowsills, clear and wipe down counters, and clean the bathtub and toilet bowl with cleaner. Allow the cleaner to sit while you go to the next bathroom to clear clutter and spray down the areas. Go back to the first bathroom clean and wipe down the mirrors. You can also wipe the bathroom’s baseboards and floors before you have clean the floors to help not add extra work for yourself. After you wipe the baseboards, you can take a broom and dust away any debris. Lastly, you will want to mop the space working your way out of the room. 
  • Living & Dining Room – Clear all clutter before you begin the living room and dining. Start dusting in one corner of the room and work clockwise. Clean ceiling fans, light fixtures, and dust windowsills and all furniture from top to bottom. Use your vacuum cleaner attachment on upholstered furniture for an extra good cleaning. 
  • Bedrooms – In your bedrooms, you will want to strip bed linens, wash the sheets, and remake bed. Clear all visible clutter by placing it into a basket or its designated area. Dust ceiling fans, light fixtures, window sills, and all furniture top to bottom with dusting spray and microfiber cloth. Afterward, you will want to use a vacuum or dustpan to remove any leftover dirt and debris from the floor.
  • Floors – We recommend cleaning all of your floors of the same type at the same time. For example, you would clean hardwood floors at one time and clean tile floors at one time and so on. When vacuuming carpeted floors, work your way backward out of the room and try not to overlap with a vacuum; this eliminates dust settling in the air.
  • Steam Mop– Steam mops make cleaning floors much faster than using a basic mop and bucket. Plus, you are using water to steam away dirt and germs, instead of cleaners. We recommend investing in a steam mop to help speed up your cleaning routine. 
Do you have any cleaning hacks that you cherish? We would love for you to share your tips and tricks with other readers below in the comment section. As always, thanks for reading, and be sure to check back weekly for more expert advice. 

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