Repurpose Pallets

Do it yourself projects can be a super fun way to be interactive with the design of your home. Repurposing old and used pallet boards is a great economical solution for adding style to your space. Nowadays, designers are always looking for ways to repurpose valuable wood and bring it into the design of a home. Plus, you do not even have to be an engineer or a designer to integrate these simple pallet tricks in your home. Here are four great ideas to use an old pallet board and incorporate it into your living space.
1. Coffee Table
Our first idea is to take a pallet and turn it into a coffee table. Adding wooden crates or bins to give the pallet height is great for adding storage beneath the coffee table. Finding a pallet with smaller gap spacing may be critical to this project so you can sit cups and coasters on the coffee table with ease. If not, you can also get a piece of plexiglass at your local hardware supplies store to create a surface on your coffee table.

2. Planter
Install a pallet against your wall with a decorative pallet board. You can make different tiers of the pallet into plant beds. You can even install herbs or flowers to make it personalized to your needs. This is a great way to bring distressed woods and vibrant, lively plants into your home decor. 

3. Headboard and Bedframe
A large pallet can place against the wall to make a headboard. Cut the boards to the shape you want if you want to get creative. Also, extra pallets are perfect to create your own bed frame. You can even loft yours by stacking pallets to acquire the height you are trying to obtain. Pallet boards work great for keeping your bed low profile or lofting it high to have additional storage.

4. Radiator Cover
Radiators can be such an eyesore in the room. Since they cannot be removed from your home, some homeowners have begun to get stylish covers. Use a pallet to cover your radiator by knocking the boards off the back of the pallet; you can also put décor on top and use it as additional shelving.
Using pallets is a cost-effective resolution for adding to the design of your home. Wood is a simple, timeless design staple that has always been incorporated into different room themes today. 
If you are working with a gnarled pallet, take the time to sand it and even stain it. The more time you put into prepping the pallet, the more professional the end project will appear. Pull any nails that are holding the pallet together; you can even mix and match pallets to create your own design. 
Be creative with your space and try adding these projects into your home. For more great tips and tricks, visit us at Fulton Homes

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