Your Guide to Antique Shopping

Are you thinking of adding character to your home by adding some antique pieces? Yes, the world of antiques is vast, but it has so much to offer. Many people think that you have to have access to exclusive places in order to get some really nice pieces. However, antiques are more accessible than you think. If you are curious and don’t know where to start, don’t worry we are here to guide you.

An antique is an item that is at least a hundred years old. Goods are considered to be vintage if they are at least two decades old. Collectible are also can be chic in the home. Collectibles can be items that are either vintage or antique.

Why Invest in Antiques?
Antiques can really add tons of warmth and style to your home. Here are some key reasons why antiques can be the touch that your home needs:

  • Most new furniture that you’ll find in stores like Ikea decrease in value over time. However, antiques hold they’re value and, in some instances, can increase over the years.
  • Most antique furniture and items are made from high quality and durable materials than mass produced items. You can expect it to last for several more years to come.
  • Even more important a beautiful antique item can add lots of character to a space especially if there is history behind it.

Learning More About Antiques
If you have an interest in antiques but don’t know where to start you should begin teaching yourself about different styles and what periods they come from. You can visit antique shops, auctions and fairs to see what kind of pieces are out there. Most dealers love to share they’re knowledge.

Shopping Online or Instore
You can shop for antiques online and in store. However, shopping for antiques in person is always much better especially when you are just starting out. Vendors will sell at fairs, flea markets and estate sales.

Happy Shopping!