What Should I Hang Above the Sofa

Still haven’t figured out what to hang in the empty space over the sofa? Well, it’s time to stop deliberating. Filling this space with something chic can transform the look of your living room. You can use this space to create a focal point in the room. There are several ways you can accent your couch by spicing up the blank slate above and we have a few ideas.

  1. Use Personal Artwork
    Don’t be afraid to showcase your skills. You can fill this space with your own artwork. Or perhaps you have a little artist in the making? You can let the kids get creative on a large canvas and use a floating frame to give it a finished look. Using personal artwork is a great way to add personality to your home.

  2. Basket Collection
    Looking for a unique way to use the space? Consider displaying a collection of baskets by hanging them on the wall over the couch. To pull this look off, stick with one basket color scheme and use a variety of sizes. You can use clear thread to make a hanging look.

  3. Large Canvas
    Oversized artwork can really make a space look chic. Especially when it depicts an unique or bold image. However, oversized artwork can be expensive so it’s time to exercise those creative chops. You can try taking a shower curtain with a intricate design and stretching it over a large, blank canvas to simulate the look of something professional.

  4. Wall Tapestry
    You can use large, expansive textiles to dress up the area behind the sofa. Wall tapestry add a flair of elegance that’s hard to achieve with anything else. Don’t be afraid to select textiles with a bold pattern and a lustrous texture. You can suspend a wall tapestry using a rod with interesting hardware.

  5. Family Photos
    Of course, pictures of the family is a great way to make use of the empty space. Let’s take a different spin on the concept. Instead of traditional photos you can have a silhouette painted of each member of the family and hang it above the sofa.