Ideas to Declutter Your Home

How often to you walk past items that are stacked in a corner or piled up on a table? If you are like most people with busy lifestyles it is almost a given. We get so busy with work, school, children and home we start to ignore those messy spots and even program ourselves to walk past and not even notice! I was abnormally brilliant at overlooking, lol! Spring is the perfect time to declutter and purge alongside our often overlooked spring cleaning. Just by decluttering one room per month you will be surprised at how much better you feel and how nice and tidy the house looks! Our easy tips and tricks are listed below for creating a better work/home balancing act just by decluttering!

  1. Start in the bathroom using a 40 gallon heavy duty yard bag and begin cleaning underneath the cabinet and medicine chest. Of course, with expired medicines remove or mark out the identifying information. To be eco-friendly, simply drain the remaining contents of plastic bottles and containers, rinse with water and place in your recycle bin.
  2. Next head to the kitchen. We know the kitchen will take some extra time especially if you declutter well. Begin in the fridge and check all the bottled and packaged items expiration dates. Next move on to the freezer and do the same thing. Again, use a large yard bag and take the time for the environment and recycle the bottles and plastic containers, etc.
  3. Now look elsewhere for unwanted paper around the house like junk mail, advertising flyers, old homework, expired newspapers, etc. Again, place in a large yard bag, but make sure you use a shredder for anything that has personal confidential information.
  4. Old broken toys and sports equipment are always a given and should be discarded for safety purposes. Many of these items are large and take up a lot of room. Also, many of these are covered in dirt and other things we don’t want to think about that will most definitely contain bacteria. If there are items that are still in good shape, then donate them, sell at a consignment stores or sell them online.

As always, please let us know how your task turned out and please share your thoughts and ideas. Happy Decluttering!