How To Style A Coffee Table

The coffee table just may be the most neglected piece of furniture in the living room. It’s much more than just a place to sit the remote and hold magazines. In fact, all the swoon worthy living rooms that you see in home decor magazines and on social media have one thing in common; a chic coffee table. Yes, with the right accessories you can make your living room coffee table the focal point of the room.

Statement Coffee Table
It’s always great to have a coffee table that makes a statement all on its own. From intricately shaped legs to bold hues with patterns there are so many different coffee tables on the market. If you want to add some interest to your living room choose a statement table.

Chic Basket
Baskets and coffee tables mesh well together. Not only are baskets super functional because they corral your tabletop items to create a sense of organization but you can use them to create chic vignettes. Start off, by picking out an eye catching basket, organize a few objects within the catch all and top things off by adding a scented candle and small bouquet of flowers.

Style With Books
Believe it or not books are more than just reading material. Did you know that they are interior designers “go to” accessory? Coffee table books specifically can add dimensions to the flat surface of a table. Whether it’s just one book or a stack of them they add style to the tabletop especially when you add in a few accessories like tray or basket. For a easy and clean look stack books within the same color scheme. You can also go bold and mix books with different palettes together.

Accent With A Game
One unique way to dress up your coffee table is to accent with a game board like an collector’s chess set, oversized dominoes or tic tac toe set.

The Space Underneath
Don’t forget about the space underneath the coffee table. You can stylishly stash throw pillows or accent with chic stools tuck underneath.

There are numerous ways you can dress up your coffee table. Get creative!