It’s Time to Think BIG in Home Decor

Do you want to make a statement with your home’s decor? Then you’ll love this year design trend which includes decking your house in oversized pieces. Yes, thinking “big” when it comes to design can even make a small living space seem larger than life. How can you take advantage of this trend? Here are some simple ways to use big pieces in your home without overwhelming the space.

Go Big with Prints and Patterns
Using bold and unique prints and patterns are always encouraged when decorating your home. Such visuals take on a whole new life when they are super-sized. Whether it’s big pillows lining your sofa, or a large mural painted on the accent wall in your living room, you’re guaranteed to make a statement. When patterns contain significant proportions, the results are eye-catching.


Supersized Artwork
Gallery display artwork pieces are classic, but such an arrangement can be bland. Instead, invest in a single piece of oversized art. Supersized artwork allows the eye to focus on one focal point in the work instead of multiple images in a montage. When selecting oversized artwork to dress your walls be sure to choose something that you love.


Large Scaled Mirrors
You may know that mirrors are great for visually expanding spaces. But an added benefit is that triple sizing your mirrors will make a loud statement. A huge mirror with a thick, solid frame will to further expand sightlines. Opt for a round mirror as opposed to a rectangular shaped mirror for a modern or contemporary style room.


Oversized Light Fixtures
You don’t necessarily need glitzy crystals to create drama with a lighting scheme. Oversized pendant style fixtures are becoming increasingly popular. Whether it’s over the dining room table, the kitchen island or suspended over the end tables, large-scale pendants will capture the eye.


Big Style Furniture
In small homes or condos compact, multi-functional furniture is always encouraged by design experts. But this isn’t a rule. By choosing a few but an oversized chair or a single large sofa that provides adequate seating you can make your space feel big while getting the most out of selected pieces.