Ideas for Your Spare Room

You are blessed with an extra room in your house. What do you want to do with it? Maybe you will make it a guest bedroom or even a home gym? If you are unsure, we are here to help! Here are our ideas for that spare room of yours.

Ideas for Your Spare Room:

  • Guest Bedroom 
  • Office/Study/Library/Meeting Room
  • Media Room/Movie Room
  • Game Suite
  • Home Gym
  • Kid’s Hangout/Play Area
  • Crafting Center
  • Art Studio
  • Multipurpose Room

Tips for Making The Best of The Space:

Combine Ideas.
If you have the room to combine ideas, go for it! You may be pleasantly surprised by how accommodating a dual-purpose spare could be. Just take a look at the two room types that interest you most and go from there!

Dual-Purpose Furniture.
While combining ideas is a great idea, you may also want to use furniture pieces that can do double duty. Dual-purpose furniture can save space in your room that would be taken up by two pieces of furniture. For example, a sofa-bed is an excellent solution for a guest bedroom/media room.

Consider The Lighting.
In some rooms, you may want a lot of light (office), and in others, you may prefer very little light (media room). If you are combining two rooms that fluctuate in lighting, be sure to install a dimmer inside of your room. This will let you set the mood at a moment’s notice.

Personalize It.
With extra space, it is a chance to add your creativity and design to a new height Try and brainstorm unique ideas for your area that will let your creative juices get flowing.

No matter what spare room idea you choose, let your imagination help!