The Right White

Even though white wall treatments are a staple in American homes it can be challenging finding the right kind of white. Contrary to popular belief white isn’t white. There are many noticeable variations of this color. If you enjoy the simplicity that white offers, it’s important to know it’s many different shades. So here are some tips for picking the perfect shade of white for your space.



Cool white walls create a serene atmosphere. You can expect to see such a stark shade of white in contemporary style spaces because it adds to the feeling of newness that minimalist love. Often, when using this variation of white you can keep the theme of the room simple which means there will be very little distraction or contrast.



Creamy white almost gives off a heavenly feel. This variation is great for use in the bedroom since it promotes relaxation and peace. When using creamy white in your bedroom, try contrasting with layers of other types of white. For example, imagine cool white curtains and ivory bedding. This will add more dimensions to the room.



Antique white works in traditional spaces such as the living or dining room.  Unlike cool white, antique white makes the room feel like it’s being lived in while providing an air of sophistication.



If you don’t want a room to feel too cold than you might want to use an ivory white. White paint with ivory undertones adds a hint of warmth to your space. This variation of white complements hardwood floors. To truly bring this look life to use halogen lighting.



Grayish white isn’t a variation that we see play out in homes often. The gray undertones don’t take away from the sophistication of the look. Instead, it serves as the perfect backdrop for more vivid hues. Colors such a purple, yellow and red work great as accent colors in a room with grayish white wall treatments.



Warm white has khaki undertones. These hues make a space for warm and welcoming especially when you tie in natural materials.