Spruce Up Your Backyard

Even though we are stuck in the middle of winter, there is no better time to start planning your outdoor projects. With spring just a couple of months away, you can begin to get a head-start in your backyard with our top nine tips. Let’s get started! 


Ways to Spruce up Your Backyard on a Budget

Hang in There.

Whether you love plants or decorative pieces, hanging decor/plants are the perfect addition to your backyard. They add style and interest to your space without breaking the bank. Plus, you can bring them indoors when it begins to get cold outside. 

Eyes on The Prize.

For a stunning backyard, be sure to create a “focal point.” This point of interest should be a piece that you are proud of and a piece that you want to be recognized. Items like a fireplace, outdoor patio set, pergola, trellises, or arbor can be great additions. 

Nature’s Finest.

With your backyard being in the outdoors, you want to embrace nature’s beauty by adding plants and flowers around your yard. Adding a garden, potted flowers, and hanging plants can make your backyard beautifully finished. 

Pull up a Chair.

Seating is one of the essential parts of backyard living. Be sure to provide cozy seating for all of your guests and family. 

Color me Bold.

Spice up your outdoor space with colorful decor and finishes. Items like blankets, pillows, and decor can embrace bold colors for a stylish twist on backyard decor. 

A Tranquil Retreat.

Create a relaxing retreat with a tranquil fountain and/or cozy hammock. Little touches of zen can transform your backyard into a relaxing paradise. 

Hot in Here.

If you have money in your budget, try and install an outdoor fireplace. If you are looking for a budget-friendly alternative, creating a table fire pit is easy and low-cost. Outdoor fires are great for company and unwinding from a stressful day after the sun has set. 

From The Inside Out. 

Your home’s interior can be great design inspiration for your backyard and patio. Pull pieces that you use throughout your home and incorporate them into your outdoor area. Items like artwork, pillows, and candles can transform your back patio into a dreamy oasis. 


With these ideas, your backyard has never looked so good. To take your backyard to the next level, talk to one of our expert sales associates about installing porcelain tile. Porcelain tile is weather-proof which means it is perfect for your outdoors. Contact us today for more information and pricing.