Color Palette – Burgundy

There’s no better way to usher in fall than with a burgundy color scheme. If you look in any home decor magazine, you’ll find that burgundy is a super trendy color in the interior design world. Yes, it’s a nontraditional neutral that can be paired with numerous hues. If you’re interested adding some color to a room but you don’t want to overdo then burgundy is the perfect hue. We’re going to show you how you can stylishly use this color in your home’s decor.


Burgundy or Merlot? Call this hue whatever you want but the latest burgundy is a brown based color with splashes of purple. Touches of new and older variations of burgundy are bound to add spice to a room. Here are some fun ways you can use burgundy:


Gold and Burgundy

There’s nothing that says royalty more than the pairing of these palettes. This color scheme is great for luxury spaces. Using both of them together makes a big statement.  When combining gold and burgundy hues be sure to let burgundy be the dominant color in the room while the gold serves as an accent. Can you imagine a burgundy sofa with gold side tables to highlight the look?


Burgundy and Forest Green

Burgundy and forest green is a popular look that has a classic upscale appeal. Green and burgundy sit close to each other on the color wheel which means that they are complementary colors. To make this color combination work you can include a variety of another warm color in the design scheme. In a formal living area, you may want to opt for burgundy seating since it hides stains well. Use forest green in your accessories and textiles.


Burgundy Area Rug

For a bold look, how about designing the entire room around a burgundy carpet or area rug that features an intricate design. You can choose neutral furnishing around the rug and then add accents of aqua, coral, and taupe.


Burgundy and Animal Prints

Make a burgundy room stand out with hints of animal prints. Giraffe, leopard and cheetah animal prints work best with this hue. Whether it’s an area rug or chair this pairing is simply stunning.