Color Palette – Brown

In interior design, brown gets a bad rap for being bland and lackluster. As a neutral brown makes for the perfect backdrop to any type of design. You can pair this hue with a variety of patterns and colors.  Depending on how you pair brown you can easily create an interior that is dramatic. What are some ways you can use brown in your home’s decor?


Brown and White

Brown and white is a traditional mix. The sharp contrast of stark white and brown can enhance architectural details. In a room with a white wall treatment, chocolate brown will instantly add drama to your space. It also warms up a room and makes it feel much more inviting.


Brown and Blue

Blue is a fun color to add to your home’s decor. However, using such a rich color can be a bit complex. When you pair an intense color like blue, it becomes easier to blend with the rest of your interior. These two colors are a match made in heaven since they are both cool tones. How can you use this color scheme? Consider taking your chocolate stained wooden chairs and upholstering the seats with a rich blue.


Pastels and Brown

Who doesn’t love the dainty look of pastels? Traditionally, we may not use pink, teal and purple in our home decor. When you pair brown and pastels you ground the light hues associated with pastel colors. In addition, using brown with pale pastels adds a touch of sophistication and it doesn’t appear juvenile.


Brown and Yellow

Tan, taupes and other brown tones are beautiful when paired with yellow. This warm palette easily fuses together. Bright yellow accents will make a statement against brown pieces.  Brown tones and yellow is associated with a more traditional style.


Brown and Purple

Whether it’s plum, violet or shades of purple when paired tones of purple the drama heightens.  Such rich hues aren’t timid and together creates an air of sophistication.  For brown furniture or cabinets look to less saturated tones of purple.


Brown on Brown

Of course, we love the brown-on-brown look.  To pull this look off without the design becoming bland be sure to take a monochromatic approach.