Traditional Style

If you’re in the process of designing the living area than you might want to consider the traditional living room style. You’ ll find that a traditional living room can serve important basic functions. Yes, it serves a formal seating area where you can entertain guests as well as casual family space.


A traditional living room will blend hints of elegance with a style that embraces comfortability. Living room of this style will have an Old World or European feel that features a few antique pieces, simple artwork, and graceful lines.


Here are some basics to keep in mind when designing a traditional living room.



When creating a traditional style living room many people tend to either be super neutral or too bold in their decoration. However, the key is finding a good balance.  A neutral color is often the dominant hue in this design. You’ll see such neutral colors such as; beige, cream, black and hunter green. Neutral colors should be used on the walls. However, bold colors are also encouraged as accent colors to emphasize areas of interest. If you decide to go neutral with your furnishing pieces such as the sofa and ottoman than you should go bold with your decorative accessories.



Details are important in the traditional living room because this style is defined by it. Decorative moldings, arches, and antique finishes are characteristics that contribute to the overall look. Therefore, you’ll want to consider seemingly small things such as; the design of the area rug, the small pillows you’ll use on the couch and even the television stand.



As you begin to search for furniture be sure to start off with the essentials. Be sure to start off with a coffee table and comfortable couch. Once you have purchased the staple items than you’ll be able to select accent furniture and additional accessories for the living room.


Remember, you’ll want your living room area to be highly functional for day to day living as well as comfortable for your family and friends.  When selecting furniture, you should make sure that there are adequate seating options and sufficient storage. Consider furniture pieces that can serve more than one purpose.


There are no specific rules that you must follow when creating a traditional style living room. Remember to simply have fun and be creative.