A Home Office

If you have ever worked from home, you understand the importance of having a home office. It is a place that you can do your work as well as organize any of your household paperwork. Home offices have become a lasting trend over the past decade and can help the organization of your home. If your home allows the space, we recommend creating yourself a home office. They do not need to be an entire room. You can place your office in a corner of any room. Make sure the room contributes to a helpful work environment. Placing the office in your baby’s bedroom corner may not be the best idea, but have it in a corner of a quiet, clean space. 


Since home offices have become popular, there is a lot of advice about what to include in your office. Home offices will ideally need some sort of a table and chair. The rest of the furniture and decorations can be personal preference. Items include pens/pencils, notebook, stapler, tape, envelopes, paper, sticky notes, white-out, paperclips, calculator, calendar, computer, etc.


Keeping your office organized will contribute to its effectiveness. You are likely to avoid using your messy office if it is not organized. Since offices can become a mess quickly, set rules for yourself:


    • Try to never leave anything out on the desk.
    • Keep any electric cords tucked away and out of sight. 
    • Install shelving or a bookcase to give your books a home. 
    • Have somewhere to put your pens and pencils (Jars, containers, canisters, etc). 
    • File paperwork instead of leaving it out. Offices are great for filing/sorting through your mail. 


Once you have decided to create an office space for yourself, do not hold back. Make sure to include all the items you will need to have it run efficiently. The last step is to decorate. Decorating should come last because you need to be sure you have room for all the essential items. After you put the finishing touches on your office, you will feel brand new! Congrats, you now have a designated area to do all your work.