Your Personal Indoor Garden

No matter where you live, growing a garden outside is not an option for you. Personal gardens can have several health benefits. You will always know where your food is coming from and that they are always 100% organic. It is important for us to take health seriously, because there are many unknowns in our food nowadays. Let us eliminate those unknowns with your personal herb garden. 


How to plant an indoor herb garden: 

  1. Choose a space that gets at least six hours of sunlight. 

It is important to place your herbs in a spot that gets at least six hour of sunlight. The sunlight will ultimately increase the taste of your herbs and it helps your herbs to make their necessary oils. 

  1. Pick out your container. 

You will need to consider separating your herbs. Certain herbs will prefer dry soil whereas some will want a lot of water. You can place your herbs into different containers or pots and label them with a chalkboard sign. The chalkboard signs will help you to distinguish which herb is which. 

3.    Decide what herbs you want. 

Grow herbs that you know you will use. A lot of popular herbs are less expensive to grow than uncommon ones. Make sure to do research before deciding which herbs you want to plant. You may decide to plant some herbs during different seasons, because of sunlight restrictions. 

4.    Plant your herbs. 

Gather your pots, soil and chalkboard signs. As you begin to plant your herbs, be aware that herbs need room in your pot. Sprinkle soil at the bottom of your pot/container then put in your herb. After the herb is in place, fill the rest of the container with soil. Depending on your herb, water it as soon as you plant it. 


Note: Gifting your herbs can be an extremely thoughtful gift. Start the planting process for your family/friend then gift them with a beautiful potted herb. 


You can enjoy your new indoor herb garden by trying out some new food recipes! Invite family and friends over for a delicious meal that was seasoned with food grown by you.