Your Guest Bedroom

If you love to entertain, you understand the importance of having a spare bedroom. An extra bedroom gives guests a comfortable escape from the traditional “couch stay.” No matter the length of their stay, you want guests to feel at home when they stay with you. Guest bedrooms can take on an array of different styles, but there are some essential factors that contribute to an wonderful stay!


1. Keep it cozy. 

Stuffed animals and decorative pillows all over the bed can be cute, but it can also be a hassle to remove each night. Consider keeping the bed as simple as possible for the guests.  

Make sure that if you keep your AC low to provide your guests with extra blankets. There is nothing worse than being cold all night. 


2. Provide an extra phone charger. 

It becomes really difficult to remember to pack everything when you are sleeping at someone else’s home. Phone chargers can be easily forgotten, but they are essential for the next day. Guests will be pleasantly surprised by this feature and it will not go unnoticed. 


3. Dress it up with a mirror.

Mirrors are extremely versatile. They provide a useful feature as well as a stylish one.

If you have a smaller room, consider putting in a large mirror on one of the walls. This tends to make the room look larger than it actually might be. 

Everyone loves a full-length mirror. They are perfect for putting on the final touches to your outfit and making sure everything is in check. If you have room, add a full-length mirror in or near the guest bedroom. 


4. Incorporate a desk/vanity. 

A desk gives your guests somewhere to sit down and write, but it can also be a place filled with necessary items. 

Think about items you would like to have in or on your desk (note pad, pens, pencils, etc.) 


5. Add storage with a dresser.

Your guest will need somewhere to put all of their belongings. If you do not have a closet, make sure to provide them with a dresser. Guests tend to keep the room neater when they have somewhere to put all of their things. 

Trend alert: Try using the dresser as a night stand! 


6. Be Bold.

This is your chance to be bold in your design skills. If you were afraid to try something in your own room, try it out in the guest bedroom! Take a chance with that paint color you were always hesitant to try out; you may be pleasantly surprised.  


7. Light it up.

Lighting can be a very important feature in your guest bedroom. Look for areas of the room with low-lighting and add a lamp. 

If you have room, put a lamp/lighting near the bed for nighttime reading.