Organizing Cleaning Supplies

Whether you have children or pets, they way we store potentially hazardous cleaning supplies can be essential to healthy living. Although cleaning may not be your favorite pastime, it is important to evaluate your supplies and how easily it can be accessed. Let us plan on how to keep your cleaning supplies organized, safe and ready to use. 


Where to start:

  • Reevaluate: Look at where you are currently storing your cleaning supplies. Be smart and safe, think about if it can be easily accessed by your children or pets. In the circumstance of having hazardous supplies, the higher the better. Find a high shelf to put your items on or place them in a cabinet with a lock. It is always better to be safe than sorry. 
  • Relocate: The place you choose to have your supplies in needs to be easily accessible to you while cleaning. Try not to create more of hassle for yourself by moving it to an extremely difficult location. Think about when you are cleaning and what area in your house would be a neutral location for all of your rooms.
  • Reorganize: Getting yourself to clean can be hard enough, but when your cabinet is unorganized it makes cleaning the cabinet a process in itself. Always try to keep your cabinet clean and ready to function. For your smaller items, purchase a carrier to move from room to room with your supplies. For your larger items, you may need a closet or space in the garage or basement. If you are a fan of DIY cleaning products, make sure to always label your spray bottles. There is nothing more stressful than not remembering what liquid is in a particular bottle. 
  • Reassess: Look at your current cleaning routine: Is it as efficient as it could be? Make a schedule and keep on track of your household duties. If you have the time, separate cleaning into two days to relieve some of the stress. Try to get other family members involved to help move along the process. Also, assign a weekly chore list for everyone to stick to so that when “cleaning day” comes, everyone will have less to do.
  • Reinvent: Cleaning does not necessarily need to be a boring task. Make it fun by playing music or watching television. 


We hope these tips help you with your cleaning process. Let us know how you make cleaning fun by leaving a comment below!