Your Kitchen and Artwork

The kitchen isn’t traditionally a place where you would think to hang your artwork but that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. Art is a great way to add visual interest to any space and can bring a new warmth to your kitchen. Perhaps you have a favorite piece that will make washing the dishes just a little bit easier because you have that in your kitchen to look at. Or maybe you want to make a change to your kitchen without breaking the bank or painting—artwork is perfect for changing up the space quickly and easily.


Depending on the size of your kitchen you may find yourself with enough wall space to hang a picture. Whether it be where there is a gap in your cabinets or along another wall void of them, adding a statement piece of art is a bold use of that blank area and can really put your kitchen over the edge. It might even become the focal point of the room and you can build out from there, pulling from the picture for design inspiration elsewhere.


Another use of wasted space is to throw up a few pieces of artwork up above the upper cabinets. Your space is already there and not being used. Why not put up some items that create a border of artwork floating above your kitchen? You could also make use of the space between your counters and your upper cabinets by standing artwork on your counters here or even hanging it up, creating your own backsplash. This can be particularly effective if you use your art as a backsplash for your kitchen sink.


What if you just don’t have the space to fit any artwork in your kitchen? Don’t give up! There are still ways to incorporate artwork into your space. Try hanging art next to your kitchen if your layout allows for it. You’ll still be able to see it from the kitchen and it is also a great way to transition the two spaces with a connecting design element if you can get the art to work with both rooms.