Maximizing Small Spaces with Furniture Choices

Today, people are shifting to a more minimal, simplistic lifestyle. When you have less to maintain, you have more time to enjoy doing the things you love!  Tiny houses are the big rage for the younger generation, and many baby boomers are downsizing to maintain less and enjoy life. Also, urban living in larger cities requires a much smaller footprint than a home in suburbia.

Remember there are no set rules when designing and decorating your living space. There are techniques and choices that lead to creating functional small spaces.

Knowing your floor plan and using a tape measure is critical for purchasing and placing furniture.  Always keep the width, depth, height in the forefront, because this will establish your traffic patterns that contribute to the functionality of the room.  Once you have decided the pieces to use, moving the furniture and standing back is always a tried and true method for furniture placement!

When purchasing and relocating furniture think storage, storage, storage as follows:


* Does my bench in the entry way/foyer have storage for shoes, book bags, handbags? 

* Using a sleeper loveseat instead of a full-size sofa is a great way to save space and provide additional bedding.

* Does my living room ottoman double as additional seating that also offers storage space, and an alternative table top for snacks?

* Instead of free standing bookcases, trying hanging floating wall shelves.  Kitchen floating shelves are very popular and functional and do not require the space of kitchen cabinetry.

* For dining space, use a café/bistro table with armless bar stools, or parson chairs that are narrow and do not have arms.

* Platform beds have much-needed space under the bed in the form of drawers, attached nightstands, and headboards for additional storage. Don’t forget the amazing Murphy bed that descends from the wall!


Now is the time to downsize, clean out, reorganize and most of all have fun during the process! We welcome your comments and suggestions for maximizing your small spaces.