Your Junk Drawer

We all have one. That drawer that serves no purpose holds an infinite amount of random items, and always has things added to it but never taken away. You guessed it, it is a junk drawer. Junk drawers tend to get on everyone’s nerves because they house an array of miscellaneous items and no one enjoys looking through them. Organizing your junk drawer does not sound like a walk on the beach, but the after the effort, it will be well worth the frustration. The key to organizing your junk drawer is that you cannot place random items into a different drawer afterward. Let us set a rule for ourselves: we are going to organize your junk drawer and another drawer will not show up in its place. 


Let us get started:


  • Take it all out. Yup, you heard it correctly. We are starting from scratch here. Place all of the drawer’s items on your counter. 
  • Sort out your items. Now that all the items are on the counter, we are going to sort through them. We will create certain piles: trash, give away, relocate or stay. You need to decide how you want to repurpose this drawer. Determine what you want to be stored in this drawer. Just one classification for this drawer, we are getting strict with ourselves. After you decided on the contents of your drawer, you can move the piles as needed. Throw the trash away, place the giveaway in a box for charity, relocate the random miscellaneous items and keep what you think belongs in this new drawer.
  • Buy a drawer organizer. Depending on what contents you will place in this drawer, an organizer can be life-changing. You can place your smaller items in tiny containers throughout the drawer. Recycle your old jar lids and use them as a container for paper clips, push pins, rubber bands, etc. 
  • Be strict with keeping it organized. Keep this drawer constantly organized, because as soon as one random item is thrown in another will suddenly appear. Inform the other people in your household of the new drawer’s purpose. 


Junk drawers happen, we totally get it. Another one may appear over time and in that case, pull out this blog and restart the organizational process.