A Quick Look at Interior Design

Whether you have your mind set on redecorating a room or revamping your entire house knowing the basics of interior design is essential. Did you know that the basics of interior design is centered around the following elements:


Texture – the feel of an object

Color – sets the mood and creates the illusion

Form – the shape of objects

Mass – the bulk of furniture pieces

Line – symmetry or direction of objects


Here are some basic interior decorating tips.


Try arranging in odd numbers.

Arranging furniture and accessories in odd numbered groups can create a look that’s aesthetically appealing. However, this does not mean symmetry should be thrown out the window. When arranging furniture and accessories in odd groups consider what objects go together to create a cohesive look.


Select classic furniture pieces.

You’ll never go wrong when you purchase, furnishing that is classic. Yes, classic furniture is timeless and never goes out of style. When you’re ready to change your look, switch out the accessories.


Choosing colors to set the mood

As previously mentioned, color is what creates the illusion. It also sets the desired mood or tone for the entire space. The psychological effects of color are numerous making this an important step. In interior design, color can be used in paint for the walls as well as accessories.


Mix up lighting sources.

The lighting scheme is crucial to setting the ambience of s room. You can use natural lighting during the daytime to open a space. At night, you can dim the lights and make use of accent lamps.


Yes, when developing a interior design scheme for your home the sky’s the limit. Incorporating the basics of decorating will ensure that everything is correctly arranged.