Summer Learning

just-have-a-great-day-merry-christmas-picjumbo-com - CopySummer vacation is every kid’s dream, but studies have shown that their academic skills backslide with three months out of school. As a parent, you can make a difference while still showing them that learning can be fun. Here are some ideas to keep their skills alive without making them feel like you’re working them all summer long.

Read to them and have them read to you: Libraries have summer reading programs with prizes. Look into those or create your own prizes for reading. Ask their teachers or your local librarians for book ideas. You can pick up great books at good prices from used book stores or thrift shops if you want to start building a library for your children at home.

Use shopping lists and coupons to help with math skills: Have them sort coupons when you create a shopping list and add up how much you can save. You might want to put one of your children in charge of coupons and let him or her have the savings as spending money.

Visit local museums and pick out books or learning tools at the gift shop: Museum gift shops specialize in books and toys designed to help children learn more about history or science in a fun way. Help them choose something that appeals to them and then spend time going through the activities once you get home. Be sure to take the time to discuss what you saw and learned during the outing.

Look into activities and classes in your community: Parks and Recreation programs offer opportunities for summer learning for every age. Check out what is offered near your home.

You can keep your childrens’ brains active and learning all summer long, so that next fall they’re ready to jump into that next year of school.