Eating Out

wBackyard-Evergreen-Elm-Warner-Groves-at-Morrison-Ranch-021No, we’re not talking about going to a fancy restaurant. Instead take just a few steps and eat outside. This lovely back patio from the Fulton Homes Evergreen Elm model at Morrison Grove at Warner Ranch provides you with the perfect spot to eat out. Outside, that is.

Extra-large french-style sliding glass doors give you a generous opening to help make the inside and outside of your home feel integrated. And it’s just a step from the kitchen to this outdoor table. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to make eating outside easier and more inviting.

Keep the table close to your doorway: It seems silly, but the further you have to walk to sit down and eat, the less likely you are to bother. When you can see the table just a step away from the door, eating outside is more appealing.

Have cleaning cloths easily accessible to clean off the table. Rather than run through a bunch of paper towels, just dampen a cleaning cloth and follow up with a dry one to make your outdoor table ready in a minute.

Keep your outdoor table ready for a meal. It may be tempting to use that table as a catch-all for outdoor toys or tools. Instead locate a potting bench or other type of table or storage unit outside for those items. If you have to clear off the table every time you want to eat outside, it just won’t happen.

Don’t limit your outdoor meals to dinner. Eating breakfast out makes for a great start to your day. Birds are more likely to be speaking their minds, and the fresh air will help sweep away sleep’s cobwebs. Try breakfast outside soon.

Have fun with your outdoor table and enjoy your backyard. With a spot like this you can eat out with all the comforts of home!