Finishing Touches Make Bathroom Special

finishing-touches-make-bathroom-specialwWhat takes a bathroom beyond its function and makes it special? This bathroom from the Capital model at Seaboard in Cooley Station has elements that make it more luxurious and enjoyable to spend time in. Let’s see why.

Interesting flooring: By their nature, bathrooms tend to be the smallest rooms in a home, which means that your design options are more limited. However it also means that you can splurge a bit on options such as flooring because there isn’t as much square footage to cover. This floor is both interesting and unusual. It has the look of rounded river rocks cut flush to make up the floor. The same stone is used for the sink’s backsplash.

By choosing this as both floor and backsplash, this has become the bathroom’s primary design element. The look takes this bathroom out of the ordinary without making its design too confusing for a smaller space.

Mirror frame: Fulton Homes offers this in its bathrooms, and the option makes the mirrors feel more finished. It adds a touch of sophistication and upgrades the feel of the space. Notice that the mirror choice doesn’t match the cabinets. Instead the dark tone provides a welcome contrasting element.

Accessories: The flooring and backsplash send a back-to-nature message, and the accessories support that. The earth-tones of the towels and the flowers at one end keep up the nature theme.

When you’re designing your home’s bathrooms, take the time to make each one a unique and special reflection of your taste and style. Remember that nice things come in small packages.